Frequently Asked Questions

There are 108 Green Residence projects.

​Each house's price is

Phase 1

  • Twinhouse for $ 110,000
  • Cedar A for $193,000 
  • Cedar B  for $185,000
  • Twonhouse  for $105,000
  • Comercial for $145,000

Phase 2

  • Twinhouse A $111,000 – 130,0000
  • Twinhouse B $115,000 – 125,000
  • Modern E $202,000 – 246,000
  • Modern D $230,000 

There are 9 types in total
​Twinhouse, Cedar A , Cedar B , Twonhouse, Comercial, Twinhouse A,Twinhouse B, Modern E, Modern D,

The main house has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 parking spaces.

The cheapest house is a detached house for $ 105,000 (2-story twounhouse).

Yes, the project owner is Laos.

Yes, it has gold rim.

Pay the central fee 2000 kip / sqm. / Month.

There are common fees, guard fees, garbage collection fees, electricity fees, maid cleaning fees in the project area, gardener fees in the project gardens and others.

50% were mostly Lao people

There are 3 payment methods.

  1. Pay cash
  2. Pay installments with the project
  3. Pay installments with the bank.

Customers pay $ 1,500 in reservations, 7-14 days, pay 20% of the contract.

Premiums according to project standards

  • Water pump
  • Water tank
  • Water heater
  • Air conditioner
  • Gardening


Installment with BIC, LVB, Viettin banks ...

According to the conditions of each bank

  • BIC, a loan rate of 10% kip
  • LVB Hoof First Loan Rate 7,5% / Year, Year 2 Onwards 11,5% / Year
  • Viettin Kip loan rate is 7,9% / year (Fig.), In case of 9% / year (reduction of interest)

Not over 45 days

Foreigners can buy

Foreigners buying and renting for 90 years

Ban Pong Pong, Muang, Cotong City Vientiane Capital

  • Cotto
  • American Standard

There is a 24-hour security system. The guards will walk for periodic inspections.

  • Near the Wattai Airport
  • Near the market
  • Near school
  • Near an eye treatment hospital
  • Near Civil

Houses with house and bathroom facilities only

The inside of the project is 6 meters wide

  • 1 year home warranty
  • 2 year structure

Located at NNN Building, Floor 5, AIDC Company

Promotion. $ 10,000 discount with many free items.

Normally, the project is responsible for the title deeds for customers already. If the customer pays fresh The project will proceed for free. But in the case of customers purchasing installments, they have to pay half of the transfer fees with the project Which the project is the operator for

The cost of the transfer depends mainly on the space of the house and is based on the relevant parts.

Documents that customers must prepare Sustainable leaves, address, identity card, census, monthly income, tangible And will be based on the customer's installment options. If the employee installment plan is to be assembled, sustainable payroll and sustainable work from the company If in the case of a business owner, there must be a license to conduct business, enterprise registration and income in and out of the business which is tangible evidence.

The common fee must be paid every 6 months.
No customers have to buy by themselves.

Warranty period The project will fix it for free. But after that, the insurance is out of the project responsibility The home must be responsible for fixing by themselves.